Here is a listing of some of the more significant projects that I have worked on.  Click on the images for a larger view.

Compliance Strategies Website

I was contracted to give Compliance Strategies' website a facelift and add new navigation and content.  Besides the logo, all layout and design was done by me. 

It can be viewed at:


Master Moneyboard Website

I was contracted to come up with a website for a new product called Master Moneyboard.  It is an in-store coupon machine that uses a touch screen so users can print out coupons for products.  In addition to the website, I'm also continuing to work on getting the system that drives the machines up and running.  All layout and site design was done by me.

It can be viewed at:


Party Crashers Online Gallery

This online photo gallery replaced the previous online gallery that Party Crashers was using.  After having a photo session with Party Crashers, the user's pictures and client and session information is uploaded to the web.  They can then view the pictures from their session using a username and password that we provide them.  They can then view, sort and order their pictures online.  It provides a Wizard mode that will guide the user through the process of sorting out the pictures that they like from the ones they don't, then lets them order these pictures and place them in their shopping cart to order.

Additional features include a slideshow, side-by-side comparison of small groups of pictures, the ability to create and save multiple lists of their favorite pictures for each session, and the ability to share those lists with family members and friends.

All web development and implementation, including page layout, scripting, database design, and graphics were all done by me.  Concept, usability and feature ideas were jointly done by me and the owners of Party Crashers Photography.

It can be viewed at:


Print Version (page 1)

Print Version (page 4)

HTML Version

Party Crashers Spring Newsletter

This newsletter was based on the layout that was used for previous newsletters.  However, since previous newsletters were done out-of-house, I only had the logo and background pattern files, and hard copies of previous newsletters to base this newsletter on.  I had to recreate the previous layout from scratch, using new content.  I created both a print version using Photoshop, and an HTML version to send to people on our email list and to post online.

The online version can be viewed here.


Party Crashers Greeting Card Online Ordering

This is the online greeting card ordering system for Party Crashers.  Users have the ability to order their greeting cards online.  They pick from a selection of designs and then have the ability to imprint a message on the card.  There is no online transaction for this currently.  When an order is placed, Party Crashers receives an email notice of the order, and the customer receives a confirmation email.

All implementation of this project was done by me.

It can be viewed at:


Party Crashers Online Album Creator / Display

This is the online photo album creation and display system that I made.  This system allows a member of Party Crashers to create a photo album online using different insert types and colors.  After the album is created, it can then be displayed on the Party Crashers website for clients to view.

All implementation, including page/script creation, database design, graphics creation and usability were done by me.

A sample gallery can be viewed here.

Click on View Sample Wedding Albums and then choose an album to view.


TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Website

I was contracted to perform a full redesign of TwinWest's website.  They wanted a new look and better functionality.  We discussed the features they wanted and how they wanted it to function.  Some of the content was transferred over from the original site, and some additional content was created by TwinWest.  Some of the features include drop-down navigation, and a database driven calendar system which allows TwinWest to enter new items through an online interface.

The content of the site is currently being maintained by TwinWest, however, I still do some of the more complicated updating and we are planning for me to add some additional features in the future.

All implementation of the new site, including page layout, design of the graphical banner, database design, and scripting were done by me.

This site has since been redesigned:


Pfister Associates Website

Pfister Associates contracted me to create a web site from scratch.  This included finding hosting and obtaining a domain name.  This is a fairly simple brochure style site.

All implementation of the site was done by me.

The site can be viewed at:



Just in case you were wondering, yes, there is a family connection to this company


Volunteer Lawyers Network Website

Volunteer Lawyers Network contracted me to create a website for them from scratch.  They wanted a simple, functional website that would give them a presence on the web and allow them to better keep in touch with their members.

All implementation was done by me.

The site can be viewed at:


City of Edina Website

I am currently part of a small team that develops e-commerce forms for the City of Edina (Minnesota).  Edina usually has a few forms each month that need to be created or modified.  They range from Park and Recreation activities for kids to selling gift certificates and other city-related products.  I have also performed routine site maintenance and created other pages for them.

Pages are built using an existing layout and existing standards.  I and another member of the team created the initial interface system that is used on all e-commerce forms.  To date, I have been responsible for creating approximately one-third to one-half of the e-commerce forms (many of which are not currently accessible due to their seasonal nature).

The Edina Store can be viewed here.


Identifix Direct-Hit Online Diagnosis Website

I was contracted to work with a team of developers on an upgrade of the Direct-Hit service provided by Identifix.  Identifix is a knowledge base for automobile service shops around the country.  Mechanics that are members can either call a hotline, or use the Direct-Hit online diagnosis tool.  I worked on a team that included other web developers, graphic designers and data/backend programmers.

I mostly did HTML, ASP and JavaScript coding in conjunction with the other developers to upgrade the look and add additional functionality to the Direct-Hit system.

Identifix Direct-Hit can be viewed at:

Click on Try Direct Hit Now! to sample the service


AMD Jerry Sanders Design Competition Website

While attending college at the University of Illinois, I participated in, and then joined the committee for the AMD Jerry Sanders Design Competition as web chair.  The competition is an annual robotics competition that is held at the University of Illinois.  As web chair, I was responsible for creation of the website, including online team registration, and a web-based scoring system that was updated in real time during the competition.  I did the design of both the 2002 and 2003 competition sites, although the 2003 site was maintained by another person.

My versions of the site are currently archived (minus some of the links) at:

Click on the Archives link and then select 2002 or 2003