This is simply a listing of some of the sites around the internet that I think are useful or that I enjoy.  I invite you to visit them and see if you feel the same way.


Babel Fish Translation - With this page, you are able to translate a page or just some text from one language to another.

Merriam-Webster Online - If you need a dictionary online, this is the best.

AMG All Music Guide - The definitive source for all things relating to music.  It has a comprehensive guide of almost every artist and CD ever made.

Internet Movie Database - The definitive guide to all things relating to movies.  It has a comprehensive guide of almost every movie, actor, director, etc ever made.  It also includes a bunch of TV shows in addition to movies.

TV Tome - A reference guide to TV shows, past and present.

Computers / Development

MDSN Library - A reference guide to many languages from C++ to Visual Basic.

World Wide Web Consortium - The authority on internet and web standards.  This is the group that sets the standards for web technology such as HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and XML.


The Onion - A weekly satirical newspaper that keeps me quite entertained every time I read it.

Homestar Runner - A cartoon character whose escapades are quite humorous.  Check him out if you like random humor. - A good site for political satire.  The first time I saw this site, I forgot that the real site for the White House in D.C. is .gov, not .org.  I was surprised at what our government was asking on their site.  After I realized that it was satire, I checked the rest of the site out and found it to be quite funny.